General conditions and particular conditions of the rental contract

Inn "Ancien Hôtel de Grimont"

Article - 1 : This seasonal rental contract defines the exclusive use of the inn as a holiday furnished lodging.

Article - 2 : Length of stay: the tenant signing the present contract for a determined period will have no right whatsoever to remain in the premises after the last day of the stay.

Article - 3 : Contract confirmation: The reservation will be effective upon confirmation by the renter to the tenant, once the latter has sent the down payment of 30% of the total amount due and a signed copy of the contract. The tenant will keep the second copy of the contract. The rental agreement between both parties cannot be transferred, even partially, to a third party, physical or moral entity, unless the renter gives its written approval. Any infringement with this last subparagraph is liable to terminate the renting agreement with the tenant at fault; the renting fees being kept by the renter.

Article - 4 : Cancellation by the tenant. Any cancellation will be notified by registered letter. The date of signature of the acknowledgment receipt will be the date considered for the cancellation.
a) The down payment will be kept by the renter and the balance of the rental price will be requested.
b) if the tenant leaves before the end date of the stay, the price of the rental will be kept by the renter. No reimbursement will be due to the tenant.

Article - 5 : Cancellation by the renter. The renter will refund all amounts paid to the tenant.

Article - 6 : Arrival. The tenant will arrive on the date and hour noted in the contract. The tenant will notify the renter if he should arrive later.

Article - 7 : Balance, taxes and expenses payment. The total balance, as well as the deposit, will be paid upon arrival.

Article - 8 : Accommodation inventory. The tenant and renter inspect the condition of the accommodation together on arrival and departure. The signed document will be the baseline in case of dispute as regards the state of the premises. The cleanliness of the accommodation will also be noted in the inventory. The tenant will be in charge of cleaning the premises during his stay and before departure. The charge for cleaning is indicated in the inn's description and on the contract.

Article - 9 : Deposit against damage. Upon arrival, a deposit of 500 €, amount noted in the contract, will be requested by the renter. After reviewing the inventory of the accommodation condition, the amount will be given back. If damages were to be noted, then the cost for repairs will be deduced from the deposit. In case of early departure (hour noted on the contract) that would not allow to inspect the premises on the day the tenant leaves, the deposit will be sent by the renter to the tenant within 7 days.

Article - 10 : Use of the accommodation. The tenant shall treat the rented accommodation and all the equipment that belong to it with care in conformity with its intended usage as holiday accommodation.

Article - 11 : Capacity. The contract covers a maximum capacity of 8 adults, 1 child under 10 years and a baby (up to 2 years old). If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity of the accommodation, the renter can deny access to the additional persons. Any modification or termination of the contract will hence be considered as done by the tenant.

Article - 12 : Animals. Domestic animals or pets are not allowed on the premises. If the tenant does not respect this rule, the renter has the right to refuse the stay. In this instance, no reimbursement will be due.

Article - 13 : Insurance. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by his occupation of the accommodation. An insurance policy for vacation rentals will be requested. The renter will not be held responsible in case of theft in the accommodation.

Article - 14 : Play area. the children playhouse, its slide and accessories, can be used, solely by children, during your stay at the guesthouse. Children must be watched by their parents. The guesthouse will not be held responsible for any incident or accident incurred by the use of the playhouse.

Article - 15 : Expenses payment. The tenant will pay to the renter, the expenses not included in the price. Their amount is based on the calculation described in the contract and the description page; a receipt will be given by the renter.

Article - 16 : Disputes. Any claims relating to the inventory of the accommodation will be settled on the premises; both parties will try to reach an agreement. In case of disagreement, the court of Besançon will be the sole competent.